High end invisible orthodontics clinic in Ljubljana.

Established in 2019, OrthoDental quickly emerged as a thriving invisible orthodontics clinic, experiencing rapid growth after the Covid pandemic. Today, our young and dynamic practice comprises a dedicated team of over 20 full-time staff members.



OrthoDental provides comprehensive dental care with advanced therapies and modern technology.
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Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe


Dental Care

Company Size

10-50 employees

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I lead OrthoDental’s marketing with a holistic strategy encompassing on-site and off-site SEO, Google Ads, paid social media focused on conversions, and both paid and organic content creation.

From a Small Start to a Thriving Orthodontic Practice.

In the closing months of 2019, OrthoDental was just a spark of an idea in the minds of Dr. Gordana Čižmek, an orthodontist with a small client base and her ambitious son Luka, a 17-year-old just delving into the realms of TikTok and marketing. In an unexpected twist of fate, their third TikTok video went viral, garnering over 600,000 views. This was the catalyst that propelled OrthoDental from an idea to a concrete reality.

Fast forward six months to 2020, and the initial spark had grown into a flame. OrthoDental was born as a specialized orthodontic practice, with a growing client base and an expanding staff. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, OrthoDental was a beacon of growth and resilience. The clinic outgrew its humble beginnings and by summer 2021, we relocated to a newly renovated space in the heart of Slovenia’s capital, fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

A Success Story in Progress

Today, OrthoDental stands as a successful, high-end invisible orthodontics clinic in Ljubljana, making dreams come true for those seeking aesthetic and efficient orthodontic solutions. We are a dynamic team of 15, that started 700 new Invisalign cases last year.

Our reach extends far beyond our clinic’s walls, with a staggering 24 million views on our TikTok profile and a combined total of nearly 30 million views when accounting for influencer posts. Our creative marketing approach has not only captured the attention of TikTok users but effectively turned that attention into a thriving, real-world business.

Social Media Meets Orthodontics

We attribute a significant part of our success to our innovative marketing strategies. Led by Luka Čižmek, our marketing team has harnessed the power of social media, with TikTok at the forefront, generating an impressive following of 65,000 loyal supporters and over 40 million views under the #orthodental hashtag.

We have embraced the exceptional potential of TikTok for building brand awareness and engaged a demographic of young women with aesthetic aspirations. Our social media presence has been a game-changer, revolutionizing our patient acquisition strategy and significantly amplifying the performance of our other marketing platforms.

Exceptional Patient Care

As our brand grows, so does our commitment to providing superior patient care. We handle the treatment planning for the majority of our patients in-house, supported by our dedicated medical team led by Dr. Gordana Čižmek. Our team handles an impressive 700 new Invisalign cases each year, demonstrating our relentless dedication to patient satisfaction.

The story of OrthoDental is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, social media marketing, and exceptional patient care. Our journey continues and we invite you to be a part of it.

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