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Discover the remarkable journey led by Luka Čižmek, an experienced dental industry entrepreneur. Alongside renowned orthodontist Dr. Gordana Čižmek, we have built an exceptional orthodontic practice from scratch. Based in Slovenia, we proudly handle over 700 new Invisalign cases annually, driven by our devoted team of 20 full-time professionals.

Unleashing your potential and overcoming orthodontic obstacles with ease.

From selecting the perfect software solution and attracting new patients to sourcing and hiring top-notch staff, we have navigated the intricate landscape of running a successful practice. Trust in our experience and let us guide you to get over every obstacle in the orthodontic industry.


Marketing strategy and patient acquisition

As a seasoned digital marketing specialist, I offer a wide range of services aimed at…

HR strategy and operational efficiency

HR strategy and operational efficiency

Navigating the complex landscape of team-building was once our greatest hurdle in business

Sales training for doctors and assistants

Sales training for doctors and assistants

The subject of sales can often be sensitive in our field. As a firm advocate for ethical

Software choice and digital automation

Software choice and digital automation

As your practice expands, managing efficiency often necessitates the incorporation of

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With a proven track record in transforming dental practices and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the industry, I am committed to empowering your practice to reach new heights. I believe in the power of customized solutions, ensuring that our collaboration aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

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