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As a committed representative of Generation Z, I’ve harnessed the power of innovation and determination to lead a marketing agency specializing in TikTok. By effectively traversing the rapid currents of social media, I have established myself as one of Europe’s leading authorities on TikTok marketing.

However, my ambitions extend beyond this sphere. I have ventured into my family’s dental business, driving a progressive transformation one clinic at a time. My mission – acquire dental clinics faster than a Harry Styles selfie goes viral on Instagram!

Hi, I'm Luka.

My journey began with a successful stint in digital marketing, leading a TikTok-focused marketing agency that produced over 60 million views for clients in three years. As my proficiency in TikTok marketing grew, so did my interest in the dental industry, inspired by my family’s business. This gave me an opportunity to utilize my marketing skills to redefine the growth strategy of dental practices.

My goal has always been to help dental practices enhance their online presence, attract more patients, and ultimately, grow their business.

I’m here to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your dental practice. My services are comprehensive, focusing on these domains crucial for any dental clinic: Marketing and patient acquisition, Operational efficiency and HR, Sales training, and Software choice.

Regardless of whether your practice is in its infancy or well-established, I can guide you through the intricacies of running a successful dental practice in today’s digital age. From attracting and retaining the right talent, implementing effective marketing strategies, to choosing the right software solutions and providing sales training – I’m committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the dental industry and position your practice for continued success.

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